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What is CMEC?

The Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) is an intergovernmental body founded in 1967 by ministers of education to serve as:

  • a forum to discuss policy issues;
  • a mechanism through which to undertake activities, projects, and initiatives in areas of mutual interest;
  • a means by which to consult and cooperate with national education organizations and the federal government; and
  • an instrument to represent the education interests of the provinces and territories internationally.

CMEC provides leadership in education at the pan-Canadian and international levels and contributes to the exercise of the exclusive jurisdiction of provinces and territories over education.

CMEC is governed by an Agreed Memorandum approved by all members. A Chair is elected every two years based on rotation among the provinces. The current Chair is the Honourable Doug W. Currie, Minister of Education, Early Learning, and Culture for Prince Edward Island. All 13 provinces and territories are members.

What does CMEC do?

Ministers of education work through CMEC on a wide variety of activities, projects, and initiatives. For example, CMEC

  • represents provinces and territories on education-related international bodies and participates in their activities;
  • contributes to the fulfilment of Canada's international treaty obligations;
  • provides a national clearing house and referral service to support the recognition and portability of educational and occupational qualifications;
  • assesses the skills and competencies of Canadian students;
  • develops and reports on education indicators;
  • sponsors research in education-related statistics;
  • administers Canada's national official-languages programs; and
  • consults and acts on a variety of issues in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education.

Among other work, CMEC is also currently involved in priority activities related to Indigenous education, literacy, and postsecondary capacity.

In April 2008, CMEC released Learn Canada 2020, a joint ministerial statement that underscores provincial and territorial responsibility for the four pillars of lifelong learning — early childhood learning and development, elementary and secondary schooling, postsecondary education, and adult learning and skills development — and proposes working collaboratively with key partners and stakeholders to ensure that all Canadians benefit from the strength and diversity of provincial and territorial education systems.

What is the CMEC Secretariat?

The CMEC Secretariat was created the same year as the Council itself to support the work of the intergovernmental body. Located in Toronto, the Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director, who is appointed by members of CMEC. Chantal C. Beaulieu is the current Executive Director.

Services provided to ministers by the Secretariat include

  • coordination of meetings of ministers, deputy ministers, and provincial/territorial officials;
  • coordination and administration of all aspects of CMEC activities, projects, and initiatives;
  • policy research and support, as directed by ministers;
  • hosting of provincial/territorial electronic discussion forums;
  • hosting and maintenance of CMEC Web sites;
  • translation and revision of over a million words of text each year;
  • English and French simultaneous interpretation at meetings and events;
  • liaison with various stakeholders including education-related NGOs and the general public; and
  • media and public relations.

Secretariat Staff Directory

Up Arrow Office of the Executive Director 
Chantal C. Beaulieu, Executive Director email C.BEAULIEU
Brennen Jenkins, Policy Advisor to the Executive Director email B.JENKINS
Marie Larsson*, Administrative Officer email M.LARSSON

Up Arrow Communications
Colin Bailey, Director email C.BAILEY
Daniel Bonning, IT Officer email D.BONNING
Stephanie Robb*, Administrative Assistant email S.ROBB
Mira Mayer, Copy Editor, French email M.MAYER
Lynn-Marie Holland, Copy Editor, English email LM.HOLLAND
Peggy Plume, Translator email P.PLUME
Yves Leclair, Translator email Y.LECLAIR 
Amélie Perreault, Translator email A.PERREAULT
Fabrice Cadieux, Consultant Interpreter email F.CADIEUX
Jelena Zikic, Graphic Designer email J.ZIKIC

Up Arrow Financial Services
Nicole Cloutier, Coordinator email N.CLOUTIER
Wafaa Boukhrissi, Senior Bookkeeper email W.BOUKHRISSI
Beverley Han Mui, Senior Bookkeeper email B.HANMUI
Eulalia Abadie, Accounts Payable Clerk email E.ABADIE

Up Arrow Operations and CMEC Affairs
Ruby Chow, Coordinator email R.CHOW
Stephanie Brennan, Administrative Assistant email OPERATIONS
Phyllis Cohen*, Administrative Assistant email P.COHEN 

Up Arrow Indigenous Education
Christy Bressette, Coordinator email C.BRESSETTE
Phyllis Cohen*, Administrative Assistant email P.COHEN

Up Arrow Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials
Natasha Sawh, Coordinator email N.SAWH
Michael Ringuette, Information Officer email M.RINGUETTE 
Noelline Ip Yam, Administrative Officer email N.IPYAM

Up Arrow Education and Literacy
Katerina Sukovski, Coordinator email K.SUKOVSKI
Robin Liu Hopson, Analyst email RL.HOPSON
Simone God*, Administrative Assistant email S.GOD

Up Arrow Education Data and Research
Amanda Hodgkinson, Coordinator email A.HODGKINSON
Chiara Cautillo*, Analyst email C.CAUTILLO
Jeffrey Cherubin*, Analyst email J.CHERUBIN
Jolie Lemmon, Analyst email J.LEMMON
Marie Larsson*, Administrative Officer email M.LARSSON

Up Arrow International
Antonella Manca-Mangoff, Coordinator email A.MANCA-MANGOFF 
Marcel Courchesne, Analyst email M.COURCHESNE
Sylvie Duong, Analyst email S.DUONG
Aamir Taiyeb, Analyst email A.TAIYEB
Mila Osypenko, Administrative Assistant email M.OSYPENKO  

Up Arrow Learning Assessment Programs
Kathryn O'Grady, Coordinator email K.OGRADY
Sandhya Bodapati, Manager, PCAP email S.BODAPATI
Vanja Elez, Manager, PISA Administration email V.ELEZ
Tanya Scerbina, Manager, International Assessments email T.SCERBINA 
Suzanne Salamat, Financial Project Officer email S.SALAMAT
Karen Fung, Psychometrician email K.FUNG
Gulam Khan, Analyst, PIAAC email G.KHAN
Marie Macauley, Analyst, PIAAC email M.MACAULEY
Carla Taban, Analyst, PIAAC email C.TABAN 
Yitian Tao, Analyst, PIAAC email Y.TAO
Peter Aterman, PIAAC Communications Manager email P.ATERMAN
Marjorie Manève, Data Officer email M.MANEVE
Simone God*, Administrative Assistant email S.GOD
Marie-Claire Pintaric, Graphic Designer email MC.PINTARIC

Up Arrow Official Languages
Chelsea Smith, Coordinator email C.SMITH
Jeremy Putt, Interim Manager email J.PUTT
Kelly Larkin Conway, Analyst email K.LARKINCONWAY
Emilie Gauthier, Administrative Officer email E.GAUTHIER
Joyce Li Tse Vee, Administrative Assistant email J.LITSEVEE
Stephanie Robb*, Administrative Assistant email S.ROBB

Up Arrow Pan-Canadian Education Projects
Amanda Hodgkinson, Coordinator email A.HODGKINSON
Monica Kronfli, Manager, Copyright Consortium email M.KRONFLI
Natalia Davila, Administrative Officer email N.DAVILA

Up Arrow Postsecondary Education
Noel Baldwin, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Coordinator, Postsecondary Education email N.BALDWIN
Chiara Cautillo*, Analyst email C.CAUTILLO
Jeffrey Cherubin*, Analyst email J.CHERUBIN
Phyllis Cohen*, Administrative Assistant email P.COHEN

*Responsibilities in multiple units

Job Postings

Council of Ministers of Education, Canada

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Toronto, Ontario M4V 1N6
Telephone: 416.962.8100
Fax: 416.962.2800