The copyright law passed by Parliament in June 2012 clarifies Canada's approach to copyright and establishes a clearer legal framework for the digital age and its ever-changing technologies.

Teachers and students are now permitted to access and use publicly available Internet materials in the process of teaching and learning, while respecting the rights of those creators and other copyright holders who post materials on-line for commercial purposes.

The new law also adds “education” as an allowable purpose within the copyright “fair dealing” provision in the Copyright Act. By adding “education” as a fair dealing purpose, the federal government has established that fair dealing is available to students and teachers. Copyright-protected materials can be used for educational purposes, provided the dealing is “fair.” The revised fair dealing provision puts Canada on a level playing field with the United States and a number of other countries around the world.

The CMEC Copyright Consortium was an active participant in the process leading up to the law.