Embargoed publications

Wherever possible, CMEC makes major publications available to members of the media under embargo in advance of their public release.

For such publications, we usually issue an advisory on the Canadian English and French basic networks of Canada Newswire (www.newswire.ca) and post the advisory on our Web site to notify you that publications are available under embargo.

We also communicate the same advisory information to media people with whom we have developed a working relationship and we send a message regarding the release through our e‑bulletin, InfoCMEC. You can subscribe to our e-bulletin here.

Publications will normally be made available under embargo one to two days (24─48 hours) before their official release date and time.

Embargoed publications will be provided to any representative of a recognized media outlet who requests them and signs the confidentiality agreement. 

How to obtain embargoed publications

To obtain embargoed publications, contact us by e-mail. Upon receipt of your message requesting embargoed access, you will be sent a confidentiality agreement which must be completed and returned to CMEC by e-mail or by fax. Once the completed confidentiality agreement has been received, you will be given access to the publications through a restricted Web site or by e-mail.

You must agree to abide by the following embargo rules: no broadcast, print publication, newswire service, or Internet transmission of text or information, and no communication or comment to any outside party, before the stated official release date and time.

CMEC is serious about embargoes. Violation may result in an access ban.

After the publications are released

The Chair of CMEC and the Director General of CMEC may be available for interviews following the release of CMEC publications or other materials. We triage requests for interviews to ensure maximum coverage across Canada and according to the availability of our spokespersons. We will provide whatever assistance we can to identify an alternative when a CMEC spokesperson is unavailable.