Early Learning and Literacy

An initiative based on early learning and literacy is under way to focus on the strengths and needs of the pre-K to grade-3 student population. Collecting data for this group of students is a priority, in order to support future program planning.

School-Age Literacy

  • The Public Schools Branch of the Department of Education has drafted a Literacy Framework to guide differentiated literacy teaching practices for inter-discipline curriculum implementation for K–12 students. Professional and community consultations have taken place, and the recommendations will enable the completion of this document in the coming year. The Public Schools Branch has partnered with a number of community agencies to support literacy tutoring for K–12 students in both rural and urban areas.

  • Teachers in Yukon continue to be trained in a specific reading program that addresses the learning styles of students with language-based learning disabilities, such as dyslexia. The program can also be beneficial to students who lack basic reading and spelling skills. Yukon is the first jurisdiction in Canada to train teachers in this reading system.


Adult Literacy

The government of Yukon has continued to provide core funding to the Yukon Learn Society, which promotes and provides free adult-literacy services throughout Yukon. At its adult education centre, the Yukon Learn Society offers one-on-one tutoring to learners who hope to improve their reading, writing, mathematics, or computer skills, as well as a library, scheduled computer classes, and drop-in services. The Yukon Learn Society is active in Yukon communities, providing seed funding for literacy programming and working closely with Yukon First Nations communities in the provision of targeted on-site literacy programs.

Community Literacy

  • Among the organizations awarded funds though the Yukon Community Development Fund is the Yukon Literacy Coalition, which will develop, launch, and facilitate Imagination Yukon — A Family Literacy Centre.

  • A literacy forum (a joint initiative of the Public Schools and Advanced Education Branches of the Department of Education) is planned for 2010.