As part of its Aboriginal Education Action Plan, CMEC has collected best practices in Aboriginal education from each province and territory. A best practice is an initiative, project, strategy, program, or procedure that produces an outstanding result according to set criteria, is adaptable and transferable, and is validated by educators and local Aboriginal community groups. The criteria for what is considered a best practice are as follows:

  • improved academic outcomes
  • increased community wellness
  • partnership between jurisdiction(s) and stakeholders
  • increased student well-being, self-confidence, identity, values, pride, personal development, or competence
  • sharing of materials
  • positive link to employment
  • inclusion of Aboriginal content or perspective
  • increased participation in the education system
  • active participation in community life


The best practices listed here are practices that contribute to positive Aboriginal learning experiences, improved student well-being, increased success for Aboriginal students, and improved labour-market linkages for Aboriginal people. Jurisdictions collaborated with local Aboriginal groups and organizations to obtain a complete collection of best practices that have been applied in the community and have measureable outcomes.

Examples of areas that jurisdictions were asked to focus on include:

  • curriculum and program options
  • programs delivered in schools, universities, colleges, adult-learning centres, community centres, etc.
  • partnership arrangements between a variety of organizations (including different government departments, stakeholder organizations, etc.)
  • government-funded special initiatives
  • services and supports that assist students and teachers


For your convenience, this database is searchable by theme, level, title, and jurisdiction. Links to additional information related to best practices in Aboriginal education, including several discussion papers, are also available on this site.

The Aboriginal Best Practices database will remain accessible, but no further updates will be made.

To facilitate greater knowledge sharing on best practices, CMEC will be sponsoring an educators' forum to examine programs, policies, and practices that have been shown to be effective in improving one or more aspects of Aboriginal ECE and K–12 education. The forum will be a unique opportunity for participants from across Canada to engage in face‐to‐face dialogue, exchange with their colleagues and peers, and build networks in the field of Aboriginal ECE and K–12 education.